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Ppc industries Air Pollution Control

PPC specializes in MACT compliant air pollution control using different methods. These methods include using biofilters and biofiltration for VOC control and wet and precipitator and dry electrostatic precipitator devices ( ESP ) for particulate. The biofilter, bioscrubber and biofiltration products are manufactured for the abatement of odors and the destruction of VOC’s in accordance with MACT guidelines. The wet electrostatic precipitator and dry electrostatic precipitator devices ( ESP ) are manufactured for opacity control and particulate control of gas streams containing pm10, pm 2.5 as well as condensable particulate emissions. ESP technology in conjunction with dry powder injection is designed for flue gas desulphurization and removal of acid gases. The SCR devices enable us to remove CO and NOx before releasing the gases into the atmosphere.

Established in 1967, PPC has completed over 500 successful air pollution & particulate control projects and with over 40 years of experience PPC has been a stable force in the field of electrostatic precipitation. With our manufacturing facilities in Longview Texas, PPC is here to provide all of your air pollution control system needs.

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